Our Mission

To protect schoolchildren from gun violence.

Our Beliefs

Although we support the Second Amendment, we are against guns in our schools and we are against arming our teachers. We are for getting to the root of the problem, which is stopping violence before it ever gets inside a school.

The Facts

  • 35
    students, teachers or staff were killed at schools (K-12) in 2018
  • 79
    students, teachers or staff were wounded at schools (K-12) in 2018
  • 143
    were killed in over 250 school shootings since Sandy Hook (Dec. 2012)
  • 468
    were wounded in over 250 school shootings since Sandy Hook

Our Leadership

Mark Phillips, Executive Director/FounderMark Phillips Safe Schools

“My career changed on Valentine’s Day in 2018. That was the day of the Parkland, FL school shooting. I am a lawyer, and lawyers do not often act impulsively, but as I watched those brave students on the news reports, I realized I had to do something. However, as a gun owner, bird hunter and Army veteran, my approach was going to be a little different.

I talked to neighbors and New Hampshire legislators and discovered something that shocked me.  Did you know that almost any adult can walk into a 5th grade New Hampshire classroom, filled with ten-year-old boys and girls, with a loaded gun? That made no sense to me. It also made no sense that there are no gun violence prevention programs in New Hampshire schools.

I founded Safe Schools, together with the five members of the board of directors, with two goals: 1) pass a law to keep guns out of NH schools and 2) establish training programs that prevent school violence by addressing the emotional and behavioral component. 

Rachel Wells

Rachel manages the public education campaign, petition and social media. After receiving her master’s degree in Elections and Campaign Management from Fordham University, Rachel was campaign manager for a 2018 New Hampshire State Senate race (7th District).

Carrie Curtis

Carrie is working on the school gun violence prevention program. She is a licensed school social worker and a graduate student at New England College working on her Ph.D. dissertation (School Connectedness and Opioid Misuse). Carrie grew up in a family of teachers. She will plan and run the student focus groups and work on the curriculum and training protocols for the student leadership teams.