Safe2Share Safety Program

Safe2Share uses educational outreach and anonymous reporting to prevent a wide range of risky or violent actions. It is modeled after a pioneering school program in Colorado ( that has been so effective that twelve states have started similar programs.

Safe2Share has three core parts (as does the Colorado program):

When there is human connection there is less risk for violence. School counselors, teachers and classmates can connect with these at-risk kids. This is not treatment or a clinical response. It is a simple act of kindness and caring.

In a report on school violence the U.S. Secret Service shared this story:

“A young man who brought a rifle into school, killing two students, and wounding several others, told us this from his prison cell: ‘I was really hurting. I didn’t have anybody to talk to. They just didn’t care.’”

He didn’t have anybody to talk to. That person doesn’t need to be an adult. It could be a classmate sitting with him at lunch or on the bus. It doesn’t need to be a therapist (who can be very hard to access). It could be a school counselor or teacher. The first step in helping a desperate or dangerous teenager is to care and listen and connect.