Voices is a gathering spot where students and teachers share ideas for making schools safer.

A Basis for Hope

In October 2022, Safe Schools convened the first ever student-run conference on teen mental health, cyberbullying and school gun violence. The conference was a forum for student voices and fresh thinking. It connected students from across New Hampshire to share their stories and ideas about new ways to improve student lives and school safety.

The goal was to introduce new programs from around the country that had been proven to work and that could be led by students, and then to provide follow-up support for attending schools that wanted to launch one of the programs. The conference was planned and run by Safe Schools interns – seven high school seniors from four NH schools.

A Student Film

In 2019 Megan Tupaj and Callie McBride were rising seniors at Souhegan High and summer interns at Safe Schools. Their project, which they chose, was to make a film on school gun violence. They were given total creative control.  They were the screenwriter, producer, director and post-production editor.  This was their film and their voice and their vision.  They introduced the film in October 2019 to about two hundred and fifty people at the annual meeting of the New Hampshire School Counselors Association.